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Printz v. US, Mack v. US, Supreme Court, 1997

Opinions of the Supreme Court

Printz v. US, Opinion of District Court, 854 F.Supp. 1503

Mack v. US, Opinion of District Court, 856 F.Supp. 1372

Mack v. US, Opinion of the Ninth Circuit, 66 F.3d 1025

We can't find a link for the Circuit court ruling in Printz.

Petitioners' Briefs
Respondent's Briefs

All briefs in US v. Emerson (1995) involving the Violence Against Women Act are available.
One brief in US v. Lopez (1995) involving the Gun Free School Zones Act is available.

Petitioners' Briefs, Printz and Mack

Brief of Petitioner Jay Printz, submitted by Stephen Halbrook and Richard Gardiner. 96K.

Brief of Petitioner Mack, submitted by David Hardy.

Amici Curiae In Support of the Petitioners

The Law Enforcement Alliance of America as amicus curiae. 44K.

Doctors for Integrity in Policy Research, Doctors for Responsible Gun Ownership, and the Laywers' Second Amendment Society as amicus curiae. 31K.

Pacific Legal Foundation as amicus curiae. 34K.

Gun Owners Foundation as amicus curiae 42K.

States of Idaho, Kansas, Montana, Nebraska, South Dakota, Virginia, Wyoming

Council of State Governments and National Conference of State Legislatures

Respondent's Briefs (United States)

Respondent's Brief, Printz and Mack

Amici Curiae In Support of the Respondent

American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations as amicus curiae. 58K.

The Association of the Bar of the City of New York as amicus curiae. 28K.

Maryland, Connecticut, Florida, Hawaii, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Nevada, North Carolina, Oregon, Rhode Island, and Wisconsin as amicus curiae.

Coalition to Stop Gun Violence and the Education Fund to End Handgun Violence as amicus curiae. 42K.