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V. Guns and the control of political outcomes

It should become obvious that there is more to addressing gun violence than promoting trigger locks. The gun vote is not about guns. Vizzard writes (p. 10), "By 1980, however, the Republican Southern strategy, which began in 1964, had reached full fruition. Gun control took its place among social issues such as abortion and school prayer as a critical part of the symbolic campaign to break Southern and Western voters permanently away from the Democrats." The Republic Southern strategy was the strategy of the Libertarian Right to induce voters to vote against their self-interest on wedge issues. It progresses from a malignant vision of social and political life to controlling political and electoral outcomes in a much larger struggle over the modern state and the political economy of capitalism. Eastern Establishment centrists Republicans were purge from the party or marginalized. Other context and agenda are at:,
Politics in America: The Right Wing Attack on the American Labor Movement

Robber baron capitalism is our past. The Libertarian Right's future for us is the Mariana Islands. This is real, raw capitalism. The capitalist becomes the sovereign individual of gun rights fantasies ungoverned by laws against slave labor. Search for "Mariana Islands slave labor". Let us live up to the gun lobby's political fantasy and fulfill Levy and Mellor's constitutional agenda. Let's ship the slave laborers there crates of machine guns, handgrenades and sawed off shotguns so they can be free. Will they then used them against their capitalist oppressors, whom some members of Congress find pure and noble, or their government oppressors, which would include some members of Congress who deny them the protections of law?

The NRA is already making political appeals (email appeal, 07/17/08): "While this [the Heller ruling] is great news, this ruling is only as good as a future Supreme Court allows it to be. The work of five Supreme Court justices today can very easily be undone by five Supreme Court Justices tomorrow— especially if those judges were to be appointed by an anti-gun President and sent to an anti-gun Senate for confirmation!" Those same judges would reverse on sweeping ideological principles not merit or national need the transformations of the United States in the twentieth century into a modern state capable managing an industrial econony, performing on the world stage as a great power, and securing liberty and justice for all.

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