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update June 5, 2009

The Ninth Circuit released its revised opinion in Nordyke (2003) on April 20, 2009.
We have a long standing crisis in domestic gun violence and a growing crisis in violence and sovereignty on the Southwest border. We now also have a crisis in the advance of anarchic doctrines on the federal judiciary. The revised Nordyke opinion is in conflict with NRA v. Chicago released June 2, 2009 and Maloney v. Cuomo (2009).

II. Sovereignty and the appalling spectacle of anarchic federal judges

When federal judge Kleinfeld with co-signers in dissent to the Ninth Circuit denial of an en banc hearing of Silveira, speak of an "amorphous body” of the armed people, no different from the NRA’s "armed populace at large" or LENIN’s “armed masses”, a burden falls on the federal judiciary to define and defend constitutional government against anarchy.

The complete Silveira dissents are at:
The orginal Silveira opinion is at:

Here is how far we have fallen: It was Judge Kleinfeld's dissent that spoke positively of an amorphous body of the armed populace. In his Parker opinion, Judge Silberman cites Kleinfeld's dissent twelve times. By affirming Judge Silberman's opinion the Supreme Court has embraced indirectly at least Kleinfeld's dissent. This is what we have come to. Instead of defining and defending constitutional government against anarchy, the DC Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court, in throwing a meaningless political sop to the gun vote and the gun rights ideologies, has embraced anarchy and otherwise created a constitutional mess. This is all about politics and demagoguery not constitutional doctrine.

On rereading, the dissent is much worse than it originally appeared. This is all really quite confused and nonsensical. The gun rights ideologies did not get what they want: The right to be armed outside of the knowledge and reach of law and government in order to maintain the "armed populace at large". The "amorphous body"—that is, the NRA's "armed populace at large"— is still subject to "reasonable regulations and restrictions" and registered "for militia service if called up". Is there any political leadership to make sense out of the absurdity?

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