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The file for DC Gov. v. Heller is at:

A discussion group has been created on Google Groups for the Heller case:

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The PotowmackForum has been shut down because of large amounts of message board spam. We have been removing hundreds of these garbage postings every day. We will start a forum again when we find a script that requires registration. If anyone knows of such an easy to use script, please let us know.

Discussions can be found and participated in on Google news groups. Search for "potowmack". Sort by date. Results can also be sorted by date. If you want to get a discussion going related to the Potowmack Institute website send us notice and we will indicate the thread here. It may be helpful to use code words like the ones used below.

Search for "nrasilveira" for critique of NRA article on Silveira v. Lockyer, posted 2/12/03.

Other search words: "magiccity0607", "adamsm0624".
There are a relatively small number of prolific gun rights ranters on the discussions boards. The morbidly curious can find and search their names and e-mail addresses for mindlessly repeated drivel. The Potowmack Institute does not find contradicting message board rants a very useful activity.

Judge Garwood used David Young's Origins of the Second Amendment as a source of documents. Search Google groups for "deyoungosadoc","deyosadoc1", "deyosadoc2", deyosadoc6", "deyosadoc7", "deyosa08", "deyosa09", “deyosa10", "deyosa11", "deyosa013". These start in July, 2002.

David Hardy is a prolific gun rights researcher and author. Search for: "dhard01 geernst", "dvhard002", "dvhard003"
Hardy articles are numbers 23 and 25 on LaPierre's list,
“The Second Amendment and the Historiography of the Bill of Rights" (1987)
“Armed Citizens, Citizen Armies: Toward a Jurisprudence of the Second Amendment" (1986)
Under careful examination, the articles, like many others on LaPierre's list, are not very helpful to gun rights ideologies, but then the NRA did not read the articles anymore than LaPierre wrote the book.

Hardy provided the report,,
to the Senate Judiciary Committee for its report released in January 1982, According to Andrew Herz in “Gun Crazy." Hardy, along with Stephen Halbrook, actually had a hand in writing the Judiciary Committee report. The report was payback to the gun lobby for its support in helping Republicans gain control of the Senate in the 1980 election. It is a basic gun lobby tract that is trundled out with great demagogic effect as an authoritative, impartial study under the imprimatur of the Senate Judiciary Committee as if Strom Thurmond and Orrin Hatch ever did anything impartial in their careers and as if congressional committees decide the contours of constitutional rights. Mary Jolly, the Judiciary Committee staff director, who assembled the documents, left the committee immediately upon the report's release to take employment as an NRA lobbyist. She took all available copies of the first print run with her. This is one small part of the story but we have not seen or heard anything about it.

Clayton Cramer is another prolific gun rights researcher and author. Search for "claycram0" "claycram03".